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About me

1996. Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies (Journalism) from the Universidad Ceu San Pablo (Valencia).
1999-2003. Fine Arts studies at the Universidat Politècnica de València.
2004. Master’s in Psychoanalysis from the Universidad de León and the Institut de Neurociènces de Barcelona (Neuroscience Institute of Barcelona).
2006-2007. Master’s in Photography, Art and Technique. Universidat Politècnica de València.
2009-2011. Master’s in Gestalt Psychology. Escuela de Psicoterapia de Valencia


First portrait exhibitions.


Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos (San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts) National Painting Award exhibition (Valencia). Featured as the winner of the Second Prize.
Opened an art studio in Valencia.


Exhibition "Retratos y Chaquetas" at the Ateneo Mercantil (Valencia).
Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos (San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts) National Painting Award exhibition (Valencia). Featured as the winner of the Second Prize.
Portrait exhibition at the Pecado Mirarte gallery (Valencia). July-September 2001.


Exhibition "40X40" at the Pecado Mirarte gallery, Valencia. December-January.
Exhibition "8760 Horas" at the Vencill de Arte la Llongeta de la CAM. May.


I moved to New York and opened a studio in Greenpoint (Brooklyn), where I participated in various open studio shows. 
Photographer’s assistant and freelance photographer in New York City.
Portrait exhibition. Manufacturing and Design Center, Brooklyn, New York.


Opened a studio in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), New York City.
Open Studio Show.
Exhibition at 87 Richardson Street, New York City, April.


Portrait exhibition at the Payne Gallery, Pennsylvania, USA. October.


Started the portrait photography project Underwater Series I.
This is a long-term project that I am still working on. Every year or two I update it with a new series.


Projection of the project “Fire” at the UGC Cine Cité movie theater in Valencia.


Group exhibition at Fotofem. Projection of the video “Body & Soul”
Group exhibition at the Reales Atarazanas in Valencia. Conversation between painted and photographed portraits: “Realidad (pintura) y ficción (fotografía)” [Reality (painting) and fiction (photography)].


Exhibition “femenino plural” at the Reales Atarazanas in Valencia. March.
Portrait photography exhibition “Body & Soul” at the Estudio Oscar Vazquez Chambó. June


Portrait photography exhibition at Galería Espacio


Produced the project “El proceso” (The Process).
An exploration of the act of creating a portrait through a photography, drawing and painting session that shows the whole process through the experience of the sitters. 
The photo session is merely an excuse to get the sitters to let themselves be guided. Using the persuasive power that comes with holding a camera in your hands, we travel together back in time. I get them to mentally go to a hiding place from their childhood, a place where they used to spend hours and hours playing or simply liked to be. I get them to recreate that place, to conjure up the sounds and smells; what they could see from there. I totally immerse them in the sensations they felt then. It is curious how a person changes when they remember a special place they haven’t been to in a long time or had simply forgotten. I connect them to that flow of life produced by returning to one’s roots, and then I start painting. The project consists of 11 photo sessions with 11 different people and the creation of their portrait over a one-year period.


Open Studio Show at my studio in Valencia to present the project “El proceso”: Photography, drawing, painting and video installation that shows the process of portraiture through the experience of the sitters.


Exhibition in “la nit del art” (Art Night) in Palma de Majorca, with an installation on the facades of the buildings consisting of projecting huge portraits on building facades in Can Sales. September.


Produced the project “El Doble”, a combination of portrait photography and painting based on breakthroughs in modern-day physics. Through images, I explore the notion that there is a corpuscular part (matter) and a vibrational part (energy) that coexist in each person. 


Documents and prepares her stay at New York City to develop Mannahatta Portraits Project.